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African-American Archaeology
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International Journal
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International Journal of Historical Archaeology

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  • Risk Management Strategies Among African-American Slaves at Locust Grove Plantation, by Amy L. Young. Vol. 1 (1): 5-37, March 1997.

  • An African-Type Healer/Diviner and His Grave Goods: A Burial from a Plantation Slave Cemetery in Barbados, West Indies, by Jerome S. Handler. Vol. 1 (2): 91-130, June 1997.

  • Commemorating a Rural African-American Family at a National Battlefield Park, by Erika Martin, Mia Parsons and Paul Shackel. Vol. 1 (2): 157-177, June 1997.

  • Rethinking “Resistant Accommodation”: Toward an Archaeology of African-American Lives in Southern New England, 1638–1800, by James C. Garman. Vol. 2 (2): 133-160, June 1998.

  • West African Tradition in the Decoration of Colonial Jamaican Folk Pottery, by Allan D. Meyers. Vol. 3 (4): 201-223, December 1999.

  • Trade and the Construction of Bahamian Identity: A Multiscalar Exploration, by Laurie A. Wilkie and Paul Farnsworth. Vol. 3 (4): 283-320, December 1999.

  • Imperial Expansion, Ethnic Change, and Ceramic Traditions in The Southern Chad Basin: A Terminal Nineteenth-Century Pottery Assemblage from Dikwa, Borno State, Nigeria, by Detlef Gronenborn and Carlos Magnavita. Vol. 4 (1): 35-70, March 2000.

  • Coarse Earthenware at the Dutch Colonial Cape of Good Hope, South Africa: A History of Local Production and Typology of Products, by Stacey C. Jordan. Vol. 4 (2): 113-143, June 2000.

  • Brutality or Benevolence in Plantation Archaeology, by Paul Farnsworth. Vol. 4 (2): 145-158, June 2000.

  • Conjuring Boundaries: Inferring Past Identities from Religious Artifacts, by Christopher C. Fennell. Vol. 4 (4): 281-313, December 2000.

  • Archaeology and Folklore of Material Culture, Ritual, and Everyday Life, by Amy Gazin-Schwartz. Vol. 5 (4): 263-280, December 2001.

  • Interpreting Socioeconomic Changes in 17th-Century England and Port Royal, Jamaica, Through Analysis of the Port Royal Kaolin Clay Pipes, by Georgia L. Fox. Vol. 6 (1): 61-78, March 2002.

  • Group Identity, Individual Creativity, and Symbolic Generation in a BaKongo Diaspora, by Christopher C. Fennell. Vol. 7 (1): 1-31, March 2003.

  • House-Yard Burials of Enslaved Laborers in Eighteenth-Century Jamaica, by Douglas V. Armstrong and Mark L. Fleischman. Vol. 7 (1): 33-65, March 2003.

  • Low-Fired Earthenwares in the African Diaspora: Problems and Prospects, by Mark W. Hauser and Christopher R. DeCorse. Vol. 7 (1): 67-98, March 2003.
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